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Another month and we’ll hit the longest day – Winter Solstice this year is on the 21st of December. A day on which we will mentally prepare for a life inside the house, the beginning of a new season; winter. Only 29 days to go and I cannot help myself thinking about the bliss of cold days with snow and frost and dark, starry nights. The last November days I’ve been having trouble ‘finding’ the right mood. September and October are blissful sunny, orange-yellow-brown days. Atumn on it’s peak, all very clear to me. Months where we don’t have ‘issues’ with heavy winter coats or getting a cold or even the flu. But it’s different with November, especially the last couple of weeks.

There’s so much to see, still. Even the sun is shining almost every day. But it’s just so tricky. I mean; how on earth do I dress my three little babies (and myself) for this kind of weather? It’s cold, but not too cold. There are lots of grey clouds but there’s no certainty of rain. It’s windy but is it still OK to go outside? Etcetera. I can’t help myself wanting to speed up time and land somewhere in December. I want to hear Christmasbells ringing, I want to bake cookies and I want to make the house look cosy and warm en Christmassy.

But . . . before we go into that Christmas mood we’ll celebrate the feast of Saint Nicholas, the ancient, long bearded man who gives presents to the little children. A celebration of being kind, of remembering the past year by writing funny poems to each other. A feast about GIVING.  Let’s not speed up time but try and live these November days as fully aware as we can. By going outside and smell the damp, cold air or by making delicious applesauce or pumpkinsoup (I’ll add the recipes later). Let’s try and get the mood right. Maybe thís is Autumn on its peak?

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